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There is no greater mystery than the Stillness

which abides within you.

Sometimes you feel its Presence when you look in wonder at the rising sun,

or gaze in awe as a delicate butterfly settles gently on the petal of a flower.

Within you is a vast Stillness that waits patiently for your attention.

It has always been your beloved companion even if you are unaware

of its Presence.

A Monarch butterfly travels thousands of miles in its migration each year and gives birth to a new generation. Its delicate wings carry it  through countless obstacles on its long and perilous journey. Some die on the way, and like us, the tiny butterfly goes back to its Source.

The rising sun is a call to begin the day in the present moment; in the eternal Now; To be free of time and the burden of my conditioned mind. The beauty of the natural world can transport me into the timeless if I would just pay attention to it; the splendor of the universe is within me.

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Cynthia Overweg

Opening to your Inner Wisdom