Letting Go

By Cynthia Overweg

 When we let go of our resistance to what is,

we give ourselves a moment of peace.

Everything changes. This too shall pass. 

“Let nothing disturb you.

Let nothing frighten you.

Everything changes.

God alone is unchanging.

With patience all things are possible."

"Let Nothing Disturb You"

Teresa of Avila

Teresa of Avila was a nun and a mystic who lived in 16th century Spain. She was a prolific writer who vividly described her mystical encounters with the divine. Her most beloved prayer, Let Nothing Disturb You, has been an inspiration to millions of people regardless of religious tradition or the way in which you define the concept of God.

Teresa's prayer opens us to healing, comfort and inner calm when we feel lost, overwhelmed or sad. In my own life, I've found this prayer  to be helpful in times of stress.  Quietly say the prayer whenever you feel anxious, or use each sentence as a daily reflection or meditation mantra. Each line in this prayer is itself a prayer, a focal point for meditation and contemplation, and will help free your heart and mind of anxiety and fear.  Below is Saint Teresa's prayer.

Cynthia Overweg

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