About Cynthia

I'm a writer, spiritual storyteller, educator and filmmaker. My focus is on the interconnectedness of life and our shared aspirations to live in wholeness and peace. I give workshops which explore our spirituality, the conditioned mind, and the human potential to live life fully and cooperatively with each other and with nature.

I also lead meditative retreats to help participants relax into a space of stillness and inner peace. My aim in retreats is to facilitate the capacity to listen to one's own inner wisdom; to observe the thought process in the mind; to appreciate the wonders of the natural world; and to feel inwardly a sense of gratitude for the beauty which dwells within and without.

I've come to realize that the biggest obstacle facing the human species is our conditioned mind and our tendency to see ourselves as separate from each other and from the natural world. Our long history of warfare and environmental destruction demonstrate why we need to see each other and the world through a different lens.

Much of my work is informed by my experience of war and the damage it does to children. During the Balkan War, I traveled with humanitarian organizations as a photographer and documentary filmmaker. I witnessed the devastation of war first hand. The experience completely altered my way of seeing the world, and helped me understand that only a transformation of human consciousness can save us from ourselves.

There is an urgent need to bring attention to what unites us and the whole of creation. My mission is to contribute what I can to the radical, but ancient axiom that we are all One.

Cynthia Overweg

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