Cynthia Overweg

Educational Programs & Retreats

About Cynthia

We share the aspiration to live in wholeness and peace, but we often find ourselves in conflict. What we really long for is inner freedom, and despite the elusive nature of such a quest, we know from somewhere deep within that inner freedom is what gives life meaning and purpose.

What my programs explore is whether or not it is possible to be free of our conditioned mind and our habitual way of thinking; to investigate what our relationship actually is to one another; to question what makes us violent and selfish, or compassionate and giving. We live in a vast and mysterious universe, and in our quiet moments, we wonder where we fit in, and what it all means. Our potential to live life fully and cooperatively with others and with nature is at root of this exploration.

Much of my work is informed by my experience of war and the lasting damage that violence inflicts on the human psyche. During the Balkan War, I traveled with humanitarian organizations as a photographer and documentary filmmaker, visiting front line hospitals, refugees camps and orphanages. The experience completely altered my way of seeing the world, and helped me understand that only a radical transformation of human consciousness can save us from ourselves.

My mission is to contribute what I can to the ancient axiom that we are all One; that if we harm another, or harm the earth, we are harming ourselves. Everything is connected.